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Wonder if a tree has any will to grow certain directions anything beyond its own DNA like grow towards where sunlight is and etc. If everything is programmed in DNA, its quite complicated one like human.... Well, environment also matters to how a tree grow its branch and leaves. I guess what I am asking is its growth is the result of reactionary program of DNA. There is nothing like human will to overcome inherited traits. I wonder.

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마음이 둥둥거린다. 벨이울리고 고막을 자극하는 바람같은 목소리로 , 손끝이 떨리고 판막을 흔든다. 그런 순간을 느끼는 애뜻한 마음이 있다는 건 단순히 살아있다는 것만이 아니라 그 순간에 대한 기다림이 있었는지도 모른다.


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