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In spite of the success of his 2015 collection, ENVELOPES, Wonjune saw that the ideas of ENVELOPES could be pushed further. Wonjune believed that pure multiplication of the same image could not fully embody his vision of the higher dimensional worlds. With further research, he imagined that the volume of space should be malleable to depict the higher dimensional world.

The series’ title, “At the Same Time,” comes from the concept in quantum mechanics that because electrons move in waves, they technically exist in multiple locations at the same time. Extending this concept to a multiverse, I imagined this series as different dimensional worlds existing at the same time as we live in ours. While the photo image is originally based on a singular snapshot of a point in time and space, the final images portray these familiar photos in multiple different parallelities coexisting in spatial harmony. Drawing on the work of Jerry Uelsmann and fourth dimension hypercube theory, Wonjune seeks to express the interchangeability of space through the composition of cubes. Each cube draws upon different physics theories, like quantum mechanics, superstring theory, and the multiverse, to invite the viewer to examine their knowledge of their world and thus their limitations. “At the Same Time” is a series that questions our concept of reality and what might be invisible to our senses. 


At the Same Time

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