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The Blue is sky

Thought I could see you better.

The path up to the top of Bakdoo

mountain wasn't too easy, neither

the highest point form the land where

you were born, I'm standing

on the closest point to where

you are now. I see clouds making

the forms of everything under

my feet that keep me still

against Northwest wind from Manchuria.

Sky is still high as I saw down under

The facts as eminent as Bakdoo

as simple as unreachable sky that I

have to admit, where is she now.

Shed tears, becomes another

judgemental flood. I have no ark

Although tears for her, I wouldn't

survive - the blue is sky.

The bird flies fast like the third dove

with olive leaf says nothing

Someone damn knew everything before

But as small as a little pebble

kicked around myend might be

thrown down to somewhere also

Death can be like caught in shower

Docking at the top of Ararat

would Noah looked under what

flood wiped out or glorified

the bright sunny sky?

Just looking up the sky where

she the end wiped out went up

Olive leaf can come to me, too.

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